C# for Beginners

This tutorial series will help you learn the basics of C# programming.

You will start by learning common definitions. Next, you will code simple console applications. As the series progresses, you will learn more advanced techniques until you are able to use a variety of structures to code dynamic C# applications.

In this tutorial, we will write a string manipulation example to trim all whitespace from a string in C#. We will use a helper method to remove all whitespace and print the modified result to the console. ... Read more

In this tutorial, we will write a string manipulation program to reverse any string in C#. Using a char array and helper methods, we will be able to print a string backwards. ... Read more

This tutorial will explain the difference between a While loop and a Do While loop in C#. You will learn when to use each type of iterative statement by working through practical examples. ... Read more

An important advantage of arrays in C# is the ability to use a for loop or foreach loop to cycle through the elements of the array. ... Read more

The Array data structure is often better than individually declared variables. This tutorial will cover when to use arrays and how to initialize an array in C#. ... Read more

In this tutorial, you will learn about conditional breakpoints in Visual Studio. Breakpoints are an important debugging feature, and the Visual Studio IDE allows you to set up triggers on your breakpoints. ... Read more