C# for Beginners

This tutorial series will help you learn the basics of C# programming.

You will start by learning common definitions. Next, you will code simple console applications. As the series progresses, you will learn more advanced techniques until you are able to use a variety of structures to code dynamic C# applications.

Install Visual Studio for C#

In this tutorial, we will install Visual Studio and prepare it for developing applications in C# (pronounced C sharp). I am using the free community edition of Visual Studio. Visual Studio is a feature-rich integrated development environment (IDE) that is perfect for developing your C# programs. You will first download the Visual Studio installer from … Read more

Write your First C# Program

In this tutorial, we will discover the basic workflow as you write your first C# program. We will explore such things as how to create a new project, where to type your C# code, and how to test and debug your application. I am using the free community edition of Visual Studio. If you do … Read more

Understanding C# Classes and Methods

If you are new to C#, the concepts of classes, methods, and properties can be overwhelming. In this tutorial, we will learn the difference between each of these and give a real-world example of how to create a C# class with methods. These definitions will help you get a good grasp of object-oriented programming. In … Read more

C# Data Types and Variables

In this tutorial, we will learn how to declare variables in C# and how to initialize them with values. We will also learn about different C# data types for our variables. What is a variable? In C#, as with any programming language, a variable simply represents an allocation of a computer’s memory – like a … Read more

Get User Input in C# with Console.ReadLine()

This tutorial will teach you how to take input from a user in C# using the Console.ReadLine() method. When writing a computer program, you will often rely on a user interacting with your program. For example, your program may ask the user a question, wait for a response, and then do something with the information … Read more

C# if… else if… Conditional Statements

In this tutorial, we will learn about the if… else… and if… else if… conditional statements and use them to add logic to our C# programs. The if… statements in C# will help us as we begin to write more advanced programs. What is a Conditional? A conditional statement in computer programming tells our program … Read more

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