Internet of Things (IoT)

This .NET electronics tutorial series will help you create connected IoT projects by using C# with your Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or Meadow board.

Blazor Meadow Web API Weather Chart.js

It is common for IoT solutions to use sensors to log data over time. In this electronics tutorial, you will use a Meadow microcontroller board and an LM35 analog temperature sensor to collect weather data. Then, you will post that data to a web API and store it in a database using EF Core. Finally, … Read more

Blazor IoT Servo Controller Meadow Maple

In a connected Internet of Things (IoT) application, you may need to control your electronics from another device. This tutorial will demonstrate how a Blazor web app can make HTTP requests to a Meadow microcontroller, which can then set the angle of a servo motor. Wiring the Circuit This project will rely on a single … Read more

Servo Motor with .NET and Meadow

A servo motor is an essential component in robotics applications. Possible applications include rotating levers and pulling strings (for example, opening a door, steering a car, turning a boat rudder, etc). With a Meadow microcontroller board, you can control a servo using C# in a .NET application. Testing the Electronics A servo is controlled using … Read more

Raspberry Pi LCD Display I2C .NET

In this C# electronics tutorial, you will write a .NET application to display text onto a 16×2 (or 20×4) LCD character display connected to a Raspberry Pi. Wiring the Hardware To communicate with the LCD display, our code will rely on an I2C bus. Be sure the I2C interface is enabled on your Raspberry Pi. … Read more

Meadow VL53L0X Distance Sensor

The Meadow board is an embeddable hardware solution by Wilderness Labs built on the STM32F7 microcontroller chip that you can program using your existing .NET skills. The Hardware In this tutorial, we will use a VL53L0X sensor to measure distance. The VL53L0X is a time-of-flight sensor that uses laser ranging to accurately measure distance up … Read more

Raspberry Pi GPIO C# LED

Did you know you can use C# to control the general-purpose I/O (GPIO) pins on your Raspberry Pi? Learn how to write a .NET app to drive an LED with this tutorial. Wiring the Circuit The electronics for this project will consist of a current-limiting resistor connected to a single LED in series. consider the … Read more

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