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Follow these free tutorials to learn C# basics and more advanced topics, including tips for building rich web and cross-platform apps with Blazor and MAUI. Each tutorial includes code snippets and examples.
Toast notifications are timed alerts that appear at the bottom of the screen and provide simple feedback to the user about an operation in a small alert. They are automatically dismissed after a configurable duration of time. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the .NET MAUI Community ... Read more

SignalR is a library that simplifies the development of real-time web applications. It allows you to create hubs that can send and receive messages from any connected client, using various transports such as WebSockets, Server-Sent Events, or Long Polling. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use SignalR to ... Read more

Asynchronous programming is a technique that allows you to write code that can perform multiple tasks concurrently without blocking the main thread. This can improve the responsiveness and performance of your applications, especially when they involve I/O-bound operations such as web access, file access, or database access. ... Read more

In big data applications, it is not unusual to seed a SQL database from a dataset contained in a .csv file. In this tutorial, you will learn the CsvHelper library can make this job a lot easier. ... Read more

With javascript, you can easily capture an image from a user's webcam. With Blazor, the real power comes when you transfer the image back to your C# code, enabling you to use your favorite C# libaries to work with the image. In this tutorial, we will be using Blazor and ... Read more

Tweetinvi is a C# wrapper library for interfacing with the Twitter API. This tutorial will teach how you to use Tweetinvi to develop .NET applications that can read tweets or write them on behalf of a user. ... Read more