WPF Data Binding: C# INotifyPropertyChanged

Learn how to use the INotifyPropertyChanged interface to bind a UI control in your WPF application to a property in your C# code. C# Data Binding In the previous tutorial, you learned how to create an event handler and attach it to an event, such as the clicking of a button. For example, you learned … Read more

C# Event Handling

C# Event Handler Example

Event handlers are an important concept for C# developers to master. In this tutorial, you will learn about event-driven programming by creating an example GUI application. Event-Driven Programming Throughout the beginners tutorial series, you learned to write code that runs sequentially. One line of code would execute, and then the next line, and the next … Read more

How to Use Delegates in C#

A delegate in C# is essentially a pointer to another method. It allows your program to pass functions between methods and classes in the same way you might pass variables. In simple terms, a delegate is like a variable that points to a method. Specifically, a delegate type holds a reference to a method that … Read more

Create C# Class Library (DLL)

Do you find yourself writing code that you would like to reuse across multiple C# projects? In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a class library and add a reference to it in your projects. What is a Class Library? By creating a C# class library, you are creating a package that can … Read more

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