Internet of Things (IoT)

This .NET electronics tutorial series will help you create connected IoT projects by using C# with your Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or Meadow board.

Visual Studio SSH into Raspberry Pi

If you have a Raspberry Pi, but you prefer to develop .NET apps for it using Visual Studio, this tutorial will help you build and deploy remotely over SSH. Note: You can install Visual Studio Code directly on a Raspberry Pi via the package manager, but this tutorial is for interacting with your Raspberry Pi … Read more

Arduino C# Serial USB to Computer

In the previous tutorial, you learned how to send data from a PC to an Arduino microcontroller. In this follow-up tutorial, you will write a .NET desktop program that will listen for sensor data sent from an Arduino. Wiring the Circuit For the electronics portion of this project, you will need a resistor and a … Read more

Control Arduino from C# Serial Port

Did you know you can use C# and .NET to extend the functionality of your Arduino device? In this tutorial, we will be writing a WPF desktop application to communicate with an Arduino Uno board connected through a USB port to your computer. Getting Started For this tutorial, you will need an Arduino board and … Read more

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