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Async Write to Text File C#

To asynchronously write to a text file in C#, you will use the StreamWriter constructor within an async method. StreamWriter can also be used to write strings to a file synchronously, or to append to an existing file. To use StreamWriter asynchronously, include the following using directives in your project file. using System.IO; using System.Threading.Tasks; … Read more

C# Constructor Overload

For a given class in C#, you may need different ways to pass arguments to it. You can do this by overloading a constructor. Overloaded constructors enable you to initialize objects of the same class in different ways – for example, by passing in different numbers of initial parameters. What is Constructor Overloading? In this … Read more

C# DateTime Subtract

Suppose you want to get the number of days between two dates, or the number of seconds between two times. In C#, you can use the DateTime.Subtract method to compute the difference between dates and times. DateTime.Subtract Method The DateTime.Subtract method will determine the duration between two dates or times. More specifically, it will return … Read more

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