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Raspberry Pi GPIO C# LED

Did you know you can use C# to control the general-purpose I/O (GPIO) pins on your Raspberry Pi? Learn how to write a .NET app to drive an LED with this tutorial. Wiring the Circuit The electronics for this project will consist of a current-limiting resistor connected to a single LED in series. consider the … Read more

Visual Studio SSH into Raspberry Pi

If you have a Raspberry Pi, but you prefer to develop .NET apps for it using Visual Studio, this tutorial will help you build and deploy remotely over SSH. Note: You can install Visual Studio Code directly on a Raspberry Pi via the package manager, but this tutorial is for interacting with your Raspberry Pi … Read more

Arduino C# Serial USB to Computer

In the previous tutorial, you learned how to send data from a PC to an Arduino microcontroller. In this follow-up tutorial, you will write a .NET desktop program that will listen for sensor data sent from an Arduino. Wiring the Circuit For the electronics portion of this project, you will need a resistor and a … Read more

Control Arduino from C# Serial Port

Did you know you can use C# and .NET to extend the functionality of your Arduino device? In this tutorial, we will be writing a WPF desktop application to communicate with an Arduino Uno board connected through a USB port to your computer. Getting Started For this tutorial, you will need an Arduino board and … Read more

New in .NET 5 – Top-level Statements

.NET 5.0 is here. The next major release of .NET Core has launched, and with it comes some significant changes. In this post, we will be highlighting one of those changes that is making headlines. Top-Level Statements The launch of C# 9 (alongside the .NET 5 release) brings some new features to the language, and … Read more

Microsoft Translator API and Bot Framework

In the previous tutorial, you were introduced to the world of chatbot creation using the Microsoft Bot Framework. The example was fairly trivial, as the bot simply echoed the input of the user. In this tutorial, you will take your bot to the next level by creating something useful – a bot that will translate … Read more

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